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heyllo~ I'm a hobbyist artist / Otaku / Fujoshi (please don't google that. if u dont know what fujoshi means. the truth would scares you) lolz but im not the extreme type though.

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Yes, I make it!

I was happy for a moment that I get to pass the screening test. But right now I'm worried if I can make it through the end and get a job that can give me a better life then now. I got to pull my enthusiasm together even though I'm starting to feel like breaking apart with the money and transport pressure.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

hope for a better life

I had just submit my profile to this new academy called "Asterik Academy" who only accepts students that can pass the drawing test. which I'm very extremely happy to hear that. All the colleges I tried to enroll in only see's my school results which didn't turn out well. And it made me depressed as I cannot study anything more then what i can learn from online and also cannot attain a scholarship to work in better companies. Or even Though I don't get the job from the scholarship, but its a prove of one step of achievement for me. For now I can't worried about that, I'm more worried for the drawing screening test which will be tested on using traditional medium tools. And it's been so long I have not been using it as I already learnt to use digital instead.
I pray to god that I can past the test somehow. hnng.....

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Noisy CNY 2013

Its a very dull CNY for me this year. coz i wanted to take photo's but feeling all sulky and more left out then the usual year...   and one thing I hate this year is one of the neighborhood playing those extreme noisy fireworks and plus there's soldiers of mosquito buzzing all around my house.and i can't believe its mosquito season. yup, there's such season such as that as you can find a swarm of mosquito stinging you while watching T.V or asleep. Have to reload my house with mosquito repellent again.
the worst one is about  playing fireworks in the middle of the night. Ugh, I hate it when they play such loud and noisy fireworks especially personal ones. normally the shopping malls were allowed to play those kind of fireworks. and its usually on 1st day of New year.  well,  Its not that I hate it. its just that when your not expecting fireworks. It all of sudden just go "BOOM" in the silent night. which gave me quiet a scare.
And how the hell did they attained such dangerous and super loud annoying fireworks? I don't mind them playing those "stick flower" or the "spin around turtle" fireworks. those make less sound compare to that humongous ones.
there's one night some bloody bastard played that at 1a.m. when everyone is already asleep during that time. they played for a while then stop. okie, I let them go for this. Then, at 2a.m they played it again. and I was thinking of bringing a stick or a club to beat up those fella that played that bloody noisy fireworks. and I believed they played it at the playground nearby. but then my parents stop me from doing so as it is very late and ask me to go back to sleep. Aiyoo, how to sleep with all the BINGBANGBOOM! going on. and I can't believe those neighborhood that stayed around the playground can just let those IDIOTS continue playing those fireworks. and it last until 2.30a.m.
because of that I lost all my precious sleep and i couldn't concentrate at my work the next day.
and then the following night they played again at 1a.m. but this time they stopped around 1.30 a.m. I do hope is the police that captured them. but i doubt so....
And today is Chap Goh Mei, which is like no big deal. its only the tradition to have orange and banana's with phone number on it and throw into the river (which it is polluting the water!!! unless all the people on the river managed to collect all without missing out) and now suddenly all around my neighborhood play fireworks...whats so special? if play on the 1st day of CNY. then its okie la. but then Chap goh mei, its just a chinese valentine day. don't have to go so far on playing huge fireworks the WHOLE DAMN NIGHT some more!!! now already past 12a.m and the fireworks still going on...I can hear police siren but I'm not sure if they are really going around capturing those bastards which is polluting the air alot. Ugh...the night air stains with smoke...I really hope they stop at 1a.m. better they stop earlier if they care the environment....